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Company policy
Savar undertakes to spread this current policy amongst its employees, customers, suppliers, visitors and all stakeholders involved in the production process. All its organization is oriented to achieve the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

Savar recognizes the importance of Quality, Health and Safety System into production processes and it is committed to improve safety policy in according to Company Guidelines as follow:
  • To detect and monitor current and future needs so to meet customers and stakeholders expectations;
  • To detect and monitor any risks of the company and also opportunities of development and improvement;
  • To detect and monitor any adjustments that are needed to work in safe conditions;
  • To guarantee:
    • Skills developments and professional training development of all internal and external collaborators in accordance with their duties;
    • Close cooperation with all employees and external collaborators in order to improve organization and service support;
    • Daily research to improve tools for managing because it allows us to relized this cooperation in order to improve products and services;
    • Attention on improving ideas and proposals in this activities and in every work time;
    • Pursuit of “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties” at the beginning we also need to make more effort to the elimination of hazard and reduction of health and safety risks , to the control for waste reduction, to quantify costs due to insufficient quality;
    • High Priority about needs to work in safe and healthy conditions related to the type of work and to requests from internal employees.
Management thinks is very important to guarantee:
  • Attention to the promotion and involvement of all stakeholders to use in a much wider ways actually and potential skills;
  • Clarity and transparency with own customers;
  • High-quality technical service;
  • Safe and Healthy workplace;
  • Fully satisfy of all needs and expectations of all customers and stakeholders thanks to flexible and careful support service;
  • Decision-making based on immediately and real datas and continuous monitoring of business context analysis as well as of possible risks and/or business opportunities;
  • A service support characterized by quality, precision and punctuality thanks to constantly update on the field and with an eye to the new technologies;
  • Persevering research and accurate selection to give satisfaction to the customers, thanks to the high standard of the quality, wide range and product reliability;
  • Commitment of highly experienced and qualified staff who has proper ethical behavior;
  • The largest involvement of all internal and external employees as basic prerequisite to continue improvement of organization of company and of support.
Savar has always been active in promoting a real and careful health and safety policy. Management is commetted to better to ensure:
  • Continued attention to health protection including prevention of work-related illnesses
  • Analysis about any cases of accident that could have been happened (called “Near Miss”)
  • Constant Training to worker about safety and health at work to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses
  • Periodic Inspection of the working equipment and their adaptation over time to guarantee an employment always in safety conditions
  • Attention to prevention of emergencies
Savar pay attention to the following aspects:
  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention;
  • Consciousness that reduction of waste and continuous improvement of process and raw material is essential to stay competitive;
  • To create a relationship of mutual benefit with suppliers;
  • Engagement with suppliers in its environmental protection and respect for safety and health in the work;
  • Development and maintenance of internal and external communication system that it can be effective and functional;
  • commitment to comply with the legislation and requirements applicable
Savar identifies the health and safety of its employees, contractors and visitors, the satisfaction of its customers, the protection of the environment and the development of the communities where it has its operations as integrated key drivers of its business; the entire organization is oriented towards achieving these goals openly and transparently. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management and risk assessment fundamentals are integrated in all business processes.All this thanks also by the commitment to training all its employees in the appropriate use of its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system, strengthening its management through updating of professional and managerial skills, fostering diversity, encouraging the consultation and participation of workers in issues related to health and safety, emphasizing employee evaluationan and motivation and complying with the ethical principles established in its Code of Conduct (Etihcal Code) Savar undertakes to keep this policy updated, to implement and maintain its management system, and continuously improve its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment performance.